Zbrush 4 basics for beginners

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Hi everybody, as I promised, this video has been uploaded. in this tutorial you will learn the basics of zbrush 4 , of course this is just the first part of this course, we will go in depth in later tutorials, we will cover how to navigate inside zbrush, what zbrush is,

using some of the mask tools for masking or hiding some part of your objects, how to sculpt and subdivide your mesh and many many more….
you don’t need any previous knowledge about zbrush, but keep that in mind if u have already get into this software for a while there is almost no need to watch this video. this is just for beginners ,I’ll start from the basics and as we go on , on later tutorials we will get more in depth.

Notes :  No project file is needed for this tutorial, and also on the conclusion part, its just an overview of what we learned, maybe a little more shortcuts, if you have time go ahead and take a look at that also.

Level : basic

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Download    :           Conclusion          Duration : ~ 14 min



*  Use google chrome for a better playback 
**  You may need  to Right click & select “save as”                              

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