Rendering interiors using 3ds max & V-ray (English & Persian)

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In this tutorial we will learn how to light an interior scene completely from scratch in 3ds max & v-ray rendering engine. Also we will take a look at some of the rendering tabs available in v-ray & how to optimize the settings to achieve a great rendered image within an acceptable time. And after that some post production in after effects. This course is for those of you that already know the basics of v-ray & after effects. So with those lets get started .

Notes: You only have the room 3D model inside the project files,the furnitures are not included. I’ve used some of evermotion’s objects and a Hdr image that I cannot redistribute them due to copyright .you can still follow along if you don’t have the models.
But you should be able to download tons of free models online if you ever wanted.just Google it !

Level: intermediate

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Persian :

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