Maya & Endorphin integration

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Here we have a tutorial on how to integrate these two powerful softwares.  first we will take a look at how to create a new character in endorphin based on our maya character, then adding some forces and behaviours to simulate a car hit scene.

from there we will export the scene back to maya and continue our work to complete the shot. its better to have some basic information about endorphin, maya HIK, craft director studio and some other basic stuff.

of course the main purpose of this tutorial is just to show you how to use both softwares in conjunction with each other and give you some idea, you may yourself take it to the the next level and enhance the shot much more.

if this tutorial is popular enough then i probably show you how to integrate that into live action and add effects to create a highly realistic scene.

note : if you need more help about endorphin, please check the manual which has several nice tutorials.

Level : intermediate – advanced

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