Getting started with maya 2012

by / / Maya


Finally we have a chance to learn the most powerful software of all times, that’s what I believe. In this tutorial we will go over the basics of maya 2012 , the UI, customizing the menus, shelves, navigating around inside maya, some hot-keys and …

But as I wrote in my previous post this software also take some time to learn, of course it completely depends on you; the more you practice the more things you learn and much sooner you will get comfortable with the software.

At first it might seem strange to you, cos its more of a node based software unlike many other softwares you probably worked with.

Anyway, this is one of the softwares that I will cover completely, I mean 99% !  from the basics to most advanced scripting and …

you know why ? Cos I love it the most :)

At any time you can refer back to its documentation, which is you first and best resource to learn maya.


Note : this tutorial has no project files included.


Level : Basic


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