ArchiCAD 15 basics for architects

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welcome… in this tutorial we will go over some basic stuff of archicad 15 . Actually after my previous post I decided to change the title to archicad 15 rather than 14, and that’s because there are a lot of cool new features in this release compared to previous. Doesn’t need to mention that you don’t have to have the latest release, not only i’m not introducing new features in this tutorial but also I have included project files to open even with ver. 13 .

anyway the purpose of this tutorial is just to get you familiar with this complicated but easy to learn software. more than that I have to say that mostly we are going to use it as a modeling software at least for now .

A basic modeling tool, then refining & rendering in other 3d packages & rendering engines .

Note : part 2 of this lesson is a simple (not real)  project from start to finish . so there maybe lots of issues and inaccuracy of plan and architectural rules, so that is just for demonstration.

Level : basic

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Part 1:

Part 2:


Download    :        Project files        And        Extra files


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