The Art of Landscaping with SpeedTree

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Notes about the course :

I’ve assumed that you already know some of the basics of the software that is included in the tutorials. If you are just starting CG this might not be the
perfect course for you.
We’ll start by creating plants ranging from mosses, grasses, flowers, plants, ivies, vines, trees, dead leaves and… All the foliage elements in the scene will be created
completely from scratch with SpeedTree. Everything from finding references and diagrams to creating textures in Photoshop, setting up the environment, creating the plant, adding variations and… . The plants will be built based on real-world plants, physically accurate and botanically correct.
We’ll then move on to shading the created plants. We’ll learn all the exporting and importing of geometry/texture from and to SpeedTree and different
ways of exporting it to your favorite 3D application.
Next up, is the scattering of the created plants in our scene. You’ll get to choose either Forest Pack Pro or Multiscatter if you are a 3Ds Max user, and the new Xgen will be used
for Maya users. As this course’s content is still in production all the tutorials will make use of the latest version of software with their new features.
In terms of lighting and rendering you can choose either V-ray or Corona for 3Ds Max, and V-ray or Arnold if you prefer to work in Maya. We’ll talk about
different ways of lighting the scene and also optimizing the render so we can render a high resolution image even on a middle range system.(A 4 core with 12 GB of RAM) We’ll manage to render the scene at 4K Exr with more than 100 render elements, with over 60 tree species, each with different variation and 500 textures (up to 4K resolution) while using opacities, bumps, blend materials and also 2-sided material adding up to 300 BILLION polygons as a result of more than 10 million instances and more than 50 million unique polygons and all in all renders in less than 8 hours! (The resolution and quality of the galley images are just for illustration purposes, the actual quality of the renders are much higher than the ones used for gallery and will be included in your project files).
We’ll finally take all those render elements to Nuke/Photoshop and use different techniques to achieve the final image.

_You can check gallery for some screenshots of the course.

_The tutorial covering modeling of the building, environment and the furniture is not included, however at the end of the course based on demand I might put up a
free update (for current subscribers) covering modeling phase in both Maya and 3Ds Max. (ArchiCAD might be added too)


What will be included in “Project File- without presets” ?

_ The complete scene with textures, however the plant’s presets should be purchased separately if desired.(.Gfx files and .Spm files)
_ All the render elements.
_ Photoshop texture files.
_ Composition files.

What will be included in “Project File- with presets” ?

_ The complete scene with textures and with all the presets (.spm files), so you can make additional variation for your other projects.
_ Almost 120 different plant presets.
_ Over 700 textures for the plants.
_ V-ray and Corona shaders for 3Ds Max.
_ V-ray and Arnold shaders for Maya.
_ All the render elements.
_ Photoshop texture files.
_ Composition files.

Content Updates

The latest contents published are as follows :

Tutorials :

00_SpeedTree_Basics 11:27
01_Creating_Grass_Textures 6:28
02_CreatingLawn 17:29
03_Modeling_WildGrass_LemonGrass 16:37
04_LemonGrass_Flower 11:05
05_Modeling_Grass_Part01 14:24
06_ModelingGrass_Part02 16:59
07_Modeling_GrassPart03 8:45
08_Modeling_RibbonGrass 13:17
09_Modeling_BlueEyedGrass 29:15
10_ClumpedGrass 6:22
11_Modeling_TypicalMoss 14:57
12_Modeling_Baby’sTears 20:10
13_Modeling_Soapwort 56:05
14_Groundcovers_Clover_UmbrellaLeaf 31:03
15_Modeling_Dahila 32:13
16_Modeling_GarlicMustard 39:48
17_Modeling_Rosemary 15:46
18_ModelingParsely 32:29
19_Modeling_RubberPlant 24:52
20_Modeling_TomatoPlant 27:53
21_Modeling_SweetBasil_Mint 26:41
22_Modeling_BlueIris 33:50

Project Files :

All the texture files
Photoshop modified files

SpeedTree Presets :

30 presets

Required Sotware

3Ds Max 2013 and up / Maya 2015 (XGen Support)
SpeedTree Architect and up (Studio recommended) *
MultiScatter or Forest Pack Pro (3Ds Max users only)
Corona or V-ray for 3Ds Max / Arnold or V-ray for Maya
Photoshop CS 2 and up / Nuke 6 and up

_Please note that you might be able to follow along and open the files with previous versions of the software, however some of the features are only available in newer versions.

* Remember, by purchasing this product you’ll become eligible for SpeedTree Studio Academic version. (Contact us for more details)

3.00 out of 5

1 review for The Art of Landscaping with SpeedTree

  1. Stephen says :
    3 out of 5

    Brava! Brava! Heard you were accosted by my other half at the diner yeetardsy! We follow Maya and LOVE your writing Dana. I cant wait to show Stan what a differance a day can make! We share your Blog with alot of the parents in our stratosphere.. Especially Stans son & daughter in law and their Maya…Charter school teachers in Boston. Science & Math…OOOO and their CAT Ramona, little weird

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