A Modern Bathroom Design

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This Tutorial includes 9 hours of training.

Difficulty Level : Advanced

Main Software Used  in,

Modeling, Simulation : 3Ds max

Rendering : V-ray

Post Production : Photoshop

This tutorial consists of designing a modern bathroom from the modeling process to post production. Each individual objects are built and shaded from scratch. We’ll first build the scene and will continue to build each individual objects. Mainly high poly and SubD modeling (NURMS) will be used. We’ll also take the use of cloth modifier to make towels look realistic and the MassFX to fill our vase with pebbles. All the objects then will be UVed and shaded. We’ll be also rendering some render elements to use in post. In the post process we’ll take advantage of V-ray light elements to relight the scene and also take a look at ways on how to change the mood of the scene by changing the color and intensity of each individual light in post without  the need to re-render the whole scene.

Lessons are as follows :

01-Building the room     20:27

02-Adding door and windows     25:42

03-Modeling the shelves     15:44

04-Modeling the basin and faucet     40:25

05-Modeling lamp and soap dispenser    30:23

06-Filling the vase with MassFX    15:54

07-Simulating the towel using cloth modifier    13:38

08-The shampoo bottle     11:08

09-Modeling the chair    42:26

10-Lavatory pan     44:05

11-The furry part!     19:54

12- Modeling the shower area     20:31

13-Modeling the stone partition     22:21

14-Adding floor material    24:48

15-Adding wall and ceiling material     34:40

16-basin material and shelves     16:43

17- props materials      21:43

18- continuing the props materials    17:11

19- shading the furry part!     21:42

20-lighting    25:35

21- Rendering     13:11

22- post processing      38:02

– UPDATE 01  :  Creating the stone wall using V-ray displacement   10:16

If you feel there’s something in the tutorial that needs more explanation or a part that has been missed, you may write to me at anytime and I’ll be adding an update to the tutorial which you’ll be able to download. 

If you are not satisfied of your purchase for any reason, you may ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund you in full.

You will need to have 7zip or winrar installed to unzip the files.                         Videos : HD 1366*768   3.34 GB                     Project files : 302 MB


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