Getting started with 3ds max 2012

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Today is the first day of a long journey! what I am going to do in this series is to teach you 3ds max step by step from start to finish. something is obvious, that its going to take a long time. hopefully i’m not disappointing you, but to become a professional artist it may take months or even years, even if you start from today.

In this first part we will just take a look at file management system in 3ds max, customizing layouts, navigating inside and using some helpful shortcuts to make life easier.

And more important; i’m not going to cover animation in this series, at least not by the time i’m writing this article. we are mainly going to use 3ds max for product visualization, architectural visualization, simple walk-through animations and like so…

Probably in near future i may decide to cover animation in 3ds max also, but for now my goal is to use maya for such things.

Doesn’t need to mention that at any time you can refer to 3ds max documentation, which is  the first and most important source in learning this amazing software.

Note : this tutorial has no project files included.


Level : Basic


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