ArchiCAD 15 basics for architects

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welcome… in this tutorial we will go over some basic stuff of archicad 15 . Actually after my previous post I decided to change the title to archicad 15 rather than 14, and that’s because there are a lot of cool new features in this release compared to previous. Doesn’t need to mention that you don’t have to have the latest release, not only i’m not introducing new features in this tutorial but also I have included project files to open even with ver. 13 .

anyway the purpose of this tutorial is just to get you familiar with this complicated but easy to learn software. more than that I have to say that mostly we are going to use it as a modeling software at least for now .

A basic modeling tool, then refining & rendering in other 3d packages & rendering engines .

Note : part 2 of this lesson is a simple (not real)  project from start to finish . so there maybe lots of issues and inaccuracy of plan and architectural rules, so that is just for demonstration.

Level : basic

If you have any question about the tutorial please email me, i’ll answer as soon as possible. and also feel free to comment at the bottom of the page. Any request or idea for a new tutorial can be submitted here .

Note that none related comments will be deleted. Here is not the place to advertise !

Part 1:

Part 2:


Download    :        Project files        And        Extra files


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  2. jonner says : Reply

    thank you …

  3. jonner says : Reply

    Thank you very much….

  4. Gregory Pickworth says : Reply

    Thank you … I like your style very much.
    Do you have any tutorials showing how to set up the actual drawings. eg using the organiser

  5. Gee says : Reply

    Thanks for the lovely tutorials… im guessing my comments come a bit late seeing as how we on Archicad 16 but id like to know your workflow or any tricks u might have for a smoother Archicad to Max exchange, i seem to be getting a lot of blotchy if not color banded area.

    • ashkanmoezzi says : Reply

      I do appreciate your kind words. No, It’s not late. As soon as I find some free time there are a lot more to come…

  6. C A says : Reply


    Many thanks for your tutorials, it helped me immensely whilst I am working on my current Uni project. However, i cannot open your files. They are definitely downloaded, and somehow Artlantis open automatically when i tried to open them. it displays
    “Project files (3).rar”
    What is this please? and, how i could open them?
    I use Mac.

    Also, when are you planning to upload your further Archicad lectures? I am desperate to learn how to use Morph tool, and somehow still can’t get photo projection settings right!

    Look forward to your reply.

    Many many thanks.

    C A

  7. Amir Kasid says : Reply

    this is very late, but i had to thank you man, that was really helpfull. thanks again.

    Amir K

  8. Ritacha says : Reply

    Wow, thank you very much, i opened the program and i didnt know where to start, now, I’m very happy.

  9. tony says : Reply

    please can any one tell me the best software to use for design between archicad and revit,thanks.

  10. 张凯 says : Reply


  11. Joel says : Reply

    Thank u very much for this but i wasnt able to download the tutorials……is there anyway you can help :-)

  12. wakereh says : Reply

    archicad 15 since i started using it i have liked it.

  13. seren says : Reply

    Thanks! ı wanna more videos.

  14. farnaz says : Reply

    salam ashkan jan
    thanks a lot for the share but can you please explain me also about the view map and the others bottoms beside it.
    it s urgent
    thanks a gain :)

  15. Sarah says : Reply

    Thanks so much! These are the best tutorials to start up with ArchiCAD, have been using Revit so working out just where everything is in ArchiCAD, knowing the basics in the interface is just what I needed! Cheers!!

  16. Nancy says : Reply

    Thanks for the share!

  17. larry says : Reply

    awesome :)) I use all the video… good training.. thank you.. keep posting

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