Rendering interiors using 3ds max & V-ray (English & Persian)

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In this tutorial we will learn how to light an interior scene completely from scratch in 3ds max & v-ray rendering engine. Also we will take a look at some of the rendering tabs available in v-ray & how to optimize the settings to achieve a great rendered image within an acceptable time. And after that some post production in after effects. This course is for those of you that already know the basics of v-ray & after effects. So with those lets get started .

Notes: You only have the room 3D model inside the project files,the furnitures are not included. I’ve used some of evermotion’s objects and a Hdr image that I cannot redistribute them due to copyright .you can still follow along if you don’t have the models.
But you should be able to download tons of free models online if you ever wanted.just Google it !

Level: intermediate

If you have any question about the tutorial please email me, i’ll answer as soon as possible. and also feel free to comment at the bottom of the page. Any request or idea for a new tutorial can be submitted here .

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English :

Persian :

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  1. khan20 says : Reply

    Thanks very much bro for your tutorial can you pls give tutorial to design buildings pls and may god bless you for such a good help

    • Ashkan Moezzi says : Reply

      You’re very welcome. What do you exactly mean by “design buildings” ? Could you elaborate on that?

  2. friend says : Reply

    thanks a lot dear ashkan

  3. amin says : Reply

    plz teching vray night light inside room…i need very son…cheak it dear

    • Ashkan Moezzi says : Reply

      You’re welcome. I’ll try to do so as soon as possible. As of now I’m on a vacation, so may not be able to catch up with some of the requests that I receive. Thanks for your understanding.

  4. Houri says : Reply

    mamnoon az filehaye amoozeshi ke gozashtid. baratoon movafaghyathaye bishtari arezoo mikonam.

  5. haridesign says : Reply

    maturnuwun sanget nggih om 8-)

  6. I am Femi-Oke . All the from Nigeria.
    I appreciate your effort.
    God bless you.
    Thank you

  7. امیر says : Reply

    سلام هموطن..
    با اجازه خودت من این آموزش ارزشمند رو در سایت استاد شو جهت دانلود گذاشتم..
    با تشکر…
    از این کارها بیشتر بکن داداش..

    • ali says : Reply

      تو سایت اشکان معزی نوشتین با اجازه شما برای دانلود آموزش رو قرار دادم تو سایت یه جو ر نوشتی همه فکر کردن مجانی قرار دادی همه استفاده کنند
      با تشکر از شما

  8. Emad says : Reply

    Hi ;
    It was really wonderful. I’ve really useful information about vray. Training if possible about animation in your site

    Sorry for my English is not good!

    I’m Emad I live in Tabriz

    Ya Ali madad

  9. Afshin says : Reply

    سلام دوست عزیز ما به شما افتخار میکنیم. موفق باشی ;-)

  10. ghasem says : Reply

    salam dost aziz,vaghean mamnon babate amozesh haye khobeton,baraton arezoye behtarinha ro daram

  11. Hadi says : Reply

    سلام من مدیر سایت زبده هستم من آموزشو در سایت قرار دادم ولی فایلشو که خودم دانلود کردم فقط اول ویدئو کار می کنه بعد دیگه چیزی نشون نمیده لطفا راهنمایی کنید.

  12. saad Al hamdani says : Reply

    Many many thanks for all your efforts…
    Wishing the best for you… :-)

  13. Srinivas says : Reply

    Nice tutorial. This website will help CG artists in a great way. Keep up the good work.

  14. Milad Milad says : Reply

    عالی بود پسر


  15. alli says : Reply

    بسیار ممنون گل پسر….ایشالا به همه آرزوهای قشنگت برسی….از همینجا وسط پیشونی نازنینتو میبوسم پسر….خوش بسعادت خانواده ای که امثال شمارو داره که از نحوه بیانت ادب و نزاکت میباره….ایشالا تا هرجایی دوست داری بپری و به بهترین آرزوهات برسی…….البته هنوز هیچکدوم از فایلاتو دانلود نکردم …ولی شایسته تقدیر و تشکر بودی بسهم خودم…….ارادتمند

  16. As a Newbie, I am constantly exploring online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank you

  17. keli smith says : Reply

    It seems you’re the best. I would like to thanks for your tutorials. I’m just a beginner and you can’t imagine how you help me to improve my ability in max.
    I’d wish I were rich enough,to support you through your way,but I’m not at all.
    instead , I’ll share your site, with all my friends .

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